Steel Milling Services – Birmingham and UK

We offer specialist steel milling and machining operations to shape flat steel plate products to the required specifications. We carry over 3000 tonnes of stock available in thicknesses from 6mm to 600mm.

What Steel Milling & Machining processes do we offer?

Steel Milling & Machining operations are processes which use rotary tools to remove material from steel, cutting it to the desired shape. Common processes in milling and machining include drilling, milling and grinding.

In milling, the surface of the steel is cut away by a high number of cutting edges placed on the rotary cutter edge. A large volume of chipped material is removed in each revolution due to the multiple cutting edges.

The maximum size of the millers is 2100 mm x 1200 mm. We also offer an edge machining service. Contact our team to find out more.

We are specialists in milling for heavy steel and structural steel.

If you have a requirement call us to discuss your needs 0121 327 1783 or fill out the enquiry form on this page and we will get back to you.

Quality Steel Milling You Can Trust

We offer Mechanical and Charpy tests either as an upgrade or complement to mill certificates. All blanks are dressed before final inspection and dispatch, to ensure a quality finish. We can cater to any special requirements such as stamping, drilling, shot blasting, painting and more. Completed orders will usually be palletised and shrink-wrapped.

Heavy steel milling in Birmingham
Steel milling service in action
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