Shot Blasting

VSN Steels Ltd can provide shot-blasting to finish steel plate and profiles to the required specifications. We carry over 3000 tonnes of stock available in thicknesses from 6mm to 600mm.

We provide shot-blasting as a finishing process to create smooth surfaces on industrial steel. Shot-blasting steel fires abrasive materials onto a rough surface, an efficient and fast way to remove surface scale or other imperfections such as rust, ready for painting.

What Other Machining processes do we offer?

Steel Milling & Machining operations are used to remove material from steel, cutting it to the desired shape and finish. Common processes in milling and machining include drilling, milling and grinding. Explore our other steel processing pages to find out more.

Quality You Can Trust

All blanks are dressed before final inspection and dispatch, to ensure a quality finish. We can cater to any special requirements such as stamping, drilling, painting and more. Completed orders will usually be palletised and shrink-wrapped.

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