Steel Heat Treatment

Steel Heat Treatment.

Heat Treatment and Stress Relieving is used to transform the structural properties of steel to produce different effects. We use a highly efficient, gas-fired Bogie Hearth furnace to treat large steel products at various stages in their manufacture.

What is Heat Treatment Used For?

During heat treatment, changes occur in the microstructures and atomic structures in the steel. These changes can relieve internal stresses or remove brittleness from the workpiece before and after machining.

We routinely fire our furnace every day to relieve stress, normalise, anneal or pre-heat material, either for our own stock or for customers’ orders.

VSN Steel Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment furnace jetOur steel furnace has a top capacity of 3200mm x 2600mm x 1830mm, carrying up to 16 tonnes of material and heats to a maximum temperature of 1000 °C.

Our Eurotherm Nanodac chart printer/programmer takes care of any heat chart requirements, providing a record of changes in temperature and soaking times.

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VSN's heat treatment furnace
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